Military Base Newpapers

What is this?

Your one connection for placing advertising in Military Base Newspapers, across Canada.  Place your advertising on Base, earn Military clientelle.


Who is it for?

Businesses of any size from Defence to local, any businesses looking benefit from a Gov-spending force, to increase Military & veteran clientelle. 

Why advertise to reach Military & Veterans?

Send your message and tap into our niche whom benefit from Billions in guaranteed Government spending power.

Where does it happen?

Our Base Newspapers distribute either weekly or bi-weekly. . Each Base has it's own Base Commander whom communicates with his Base and Defence community through his specific Base Newspaper.

How does it work and what is the next step?

Simply connect with me and let me know which Bases you'd like to reach and I'll send you rates and we'll figure an ad campaign that fits your budget. We offer centralized booking, ad design and e-invoicing.

Joshua Buck 


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