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CFB Esquimalt 
Base Expo
March 2nd, 2023


CFB Esquimalt MARPAC Base Expo:  Only BaseTradeshow of it's kind in Western Canada.  Over 120 vendors. Free food for Military and more...


Thurs, March 2nd, 2023. 


CFB Esquimalt, Naden Athletic Centre. Naden Athletic Centre gymnasiums, both top & bottom main gyms.



Why:    Connect with Military spenders !

Half Billion in local spending power ! Meet face to face, with over 1400+ Military walk-throughs!  Connect with Military and DND civilians, families and veterans. All manner of Vendors displaying, from Universities to Base Clubs to Auto & Motorcycle to Health & Wellness businesses. Originally a career fair, this event has a Health forcus but will also feature a section of Industrial Supplier and local business section, as well.


The one time per year to get on Base and connect !



CFB Esquimalt - Event Video #1

Expo Event Summary Video #2

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View Event Loom Video Summary here

NEXT STEP:  Book your Booth Space  ! 

Limited space remains. To secure your booking, download the CFB Esquima
lt Base Expo booth booking form here.   Simply scan it to   


Event Questions?   

CFB Esquimalt Base Expo

Event Rep:  Josh at 1-778-977-5433 


    Contact Joshua Buck 


               National Marketing : Military Audience

Canadian Forces Newspaper Association Rep

PH: 1-778-977-5433

      Direct email: here


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