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Advertise to Canadian Military, DND & Veterans, across Canada. 

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Military Advertising Campaign Options: 

Marketing routes to reach Military / DND, Military families and even Legions and Veterans, across Canada.  Our Base Commander's Military Base Newspapers is still tops for relaying your message on Base, as limited smart-phone usage in uniform. Print is still going strong, through our Base Commanders' communication tool, at each Base.

Print Ads

Target a specific Base or advertise Nationally within all Military Base Newspapers. Your message in our Base Commander Newspapers reaching the local Military Defence Team. Highly referred to for Military operational editorial and Bravol Zulu (rank promotion) picture sections.  Target Army, Navy or AirForce Bases specifically too. You can even target your career offerings to reach our niche of skilled career-transitioning Military / DND or advertorial.  Base Map here.

Web Ads

Place your web banner ads on key Military websites locally or nationally. Live link to your URL of choice.  Our Base websites are backed by robust Military social media and e-newsletters traffic.

Base Signage

Advertise in Military Base Arenas such at CFB Esquimalt Wurtele Arena, CFB Kingston Constantine and many more.  Your 6 feet x 3 feet Hockey Arena Board or glass framed Base Poster in our high eye-traffic locations, on Military Bases.

Flyer Inserts

Place your one to eight page flyer within our Base Newspapers. Auto-collated (placed) into Base Papers at our Printers. You supply and we insert & distribute at your Base of choice.

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