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Relocation Magazine. 

Military Relocation

Did you know there are over 14,000 Military moves, across Canada each year, making Military the single greatest relocating niche market in Canada!


Advertise to reach Military before they relocate on HHT (House Hunting Trips) to their new Posting. 


Our Military ON THE MOVE Relocation Magazine is no longer distributing . Instead, to reach Military with their online search habits, we recommend advertising digitally.  Go to as an option for digital marketing for tapping into Military relocation. 

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Army Base Newspapers


  • CFB Shilo Stag

  • CFB Petawawa Post

  • CFB Borden Citizen

  • CFB Gagetown Post Gazette

  • CFB Edmonton Western Sentinel

  • Valcartier Garrison Adsum

  • Kingston Garrison

  • Ottawa - DND HQ


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 National Advertising Rep :  Joshua Buck

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