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Canadian Military & Veteran Advertising 
Your Ads Placed :  Print-Base Signage-Web-Flyers & more...

Advertise Direct To Military & Veterans across Canada :

We are your one-stop connection for placing advertising targeting Military & Veterans, across Canada.    

Why Consider Print advertising on Base

Print is still king on Base as limited cell phone usage, while in Military uniform. Digital isn't seen during the day the way our Base Commanders' Newspapers are.  Military only editorial. Each Base Commanders' communication tool to reach his whole Military Defence community. Reach boots on the ground Military by targeting a campaign, beyond Military gates.

Distribution info:

Our Military Base Newspapers are hand delivered throughout Military Bases, Military Family Housing, PMQs, DND offices, common areas, Naval Vessels, Base Rec areas and much more.   More info here.

Who can advertise ?

Any business, of any size, from Defence firms wanting advertorial Nationally to local Industrial companies wanting skilled career-transitioning Military. We also target local small businesses looking for more Military clientelle.  Also, we are a handy tool for those wanting to reach Canadian Veterans and Military families specifically.  

Where does it happen and what are the advertising options ?

Our Military Base Newspapers distribute either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the Base ach Base has it's own Base Commander whom communicates to their Base Defence community, through each specific Base Newspaper.  Military operational editorial. We also have web advertising, Base Signage, Digital Screens and flyer insertion options. 

Further Advertising Options:

Ask also about Base Signage, web ads and flyer distribution.

Questions or to book ads in any Military Newspaper: 

Centralized booking, ad design and e-invoicing. Reach out and we will help you navigate the best campaign.  Contact Josh for info and next steps. 

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