Welcome ! My name is Joshua Buck and I'm the National Advertising Specialist, based out of Command HQ Pacific, CFB Esquimalt. 


No better contact for businesses looking to advertise and reaching DND, Canadian Forces Personnel, Military families and Legions.


Print is still KING on Military Bases as minimal smartphone surfing, while in uniform !  Our Base Commanders' Military Newspapers are your bread and butter for reaching  any Base. We distribute over 200,000 copies, every month!

Reach out to me for rates and dates for any or all Base Newspapers.


Email me direct or my mobile is 1-778-977-5433

Advertising Questions?  

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PH: 1-250-363-8602

National & Local Ad Rep :  Joshua Buck

DIRECT EMAIL click here

Contact Josh for Base Newspaper Dates & Rates

Contact Us 

PH: 1-250-363-8602

 National Advertising Rep :  Joshua Buck

EMAIL:  click here

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