I'm the National Advertising Rep for placing your ads in Military Base Newspapers, across Canada. 


Print is still KING on Base as minimal smartphone surfing, while in uniform!  


Military Newspapers are the bread and butter for relaying your ad message, with over 300,000 copies distributed Nationally, every month!


Email me direct  or call  1-250-363-8602.  

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Contact Us  

PH: 1-250-363-8602

National & Local Ad Rep :  Joshua Buck

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Army Base Newspapers


  • CFB Shilo Stag

  • CFB Petawawa Post

  • CFB Borden Citizen

  • CFB Gagetown Post Gazette

  • CFB Edmonton Western Sentinel

  • Valcartier Garrison Adsum

  • Kingston Garrison

  • Ottawa - DND HQ


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Contact Us 

PH: 1-250-363-8602

 National Advertising Rep :  Joshua Buck

EMAIL:  click here

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