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CFB Esquimalt 
Base Expo
Returning March 2024


CFB Esquimalt MARPAC Base Expo:  Only BaseTradeshow of it's kind in Western Canada.  Over 120 vendors. Free food for Military and more...


CFB Esquimalt, Naden Athletic Centre. Naden Athletic Centre gymnasiums, both top & bottom main gyms.

When / How to Sign Up :

March 2024.  Get on our Expo waitlist by emailing here.



Why:    Connect with Military spenders !

Half Billion in local spending power ! Meet face to face, with over 1400+ Military walk-throughs!  Connect with Military and DND civilians, families and veterans. All manner of Vendors displaying, from Universities to Base Clubs to Auto & Motorcycle to Health & Wellness businesses. Originally a career fair, this event has a Health forcus but will also feature a section of Industrial Supplier and local business section, as well.


The one time per year to get on Base and connect !  


How to Sign Up :

 2024 Expo waitlist sign-up   here.



CFB Esquimalt - Event Video #1

Expo Event Summary Video #2

Expo Video thumbnail.jpg

View Event Loom Video Summary here


Join our Base Tradeshow Contact List, contact Josh

Base Tradeshows

Event Rep:  Josh at 1-778-977-5433 


    Contact Joshua Buck 


               National Marketing : Military Audience

Canadian Forces Newspaper Association Rep

PH: 1-778-977-5433

      Direct email: here

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